Super Robo Time

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Super Robo Time (SRT) is an annual event held by the Robotics Team, UAS, and 3D Print Club. It is a chance for people to learn about robotics, drones, and 3D printing, compete in a scavenger hunt in the labs, and construct a robot to complete a challenge. SRT generally spans over 3-4 weeks with the primary workdays on Saturdays and additional workdays and training seesions throughout.

Software 💽

Fusion 360: install
Arduino IDE: install

Mechanical 🦾

Assembly guide: coming soon
Demo Bot CAD: click here
Fusion 360 Project: click here

Demo Part - Top Cover Drawing: srt_2020_top_drawing.pdf
Demo Part - Wheel Drawing: srt_2020_wheel_drawing.pdf

Electrical ⚡

Diagram: click here
ESP32 pinout: click here
Guide: coming soon

Programming 👨‍💻

Base code: Github Repo

Libraries used:

Guide: coming soon

Challenges 🏁

Here are some good tasks to try to make your robot do.
Suggested tasks: Click here