SD Mines Robotics Team logo

We are the South Dakota Mines Rockerbotics Team. Here is some information about us.

What we do

We build robots! Every year we choose some competition and design, build, and program a robot to compete. In the past, we have participated in the ASME, IEEE, and Sparkfun competitions. The competitions generally take place during the spring semester and the design process begins during the preceding fall semester. Our robots are generally built from scratch and include aspects of mechanical design, electrical engineering, and programming. As such, we are very much a multidisciplinary team and all majors are welcome to join.

We also take part in outreach opportunities whenever the possible. In the past, this has included demos at middle school events, festivals, and Mines events as well as mentoring 4H and FIRST Lego League teams.

Our team is part of the South Dakota Mines CAMP program and we thank them for their support.

Officers and Advisors

President: Samuel Ryckman
Vice President: Dustin Richards
Treasurer: Christian Weaver, assisted by Joseph Allen
Secretary: Erick Eickhoff
Historian: Lane Hansen
Outreach: Rachel Lauer

Advisor: Dr. Jeff McGough

Join Our Team

Meetings: 4:04pm on Thursdays
Workdays: 5:00pm on Wednesdays, and 12:00pm on Saturdays

We have our main lab in McLaury 101 and have a secondary lab in McLaury 107. Stop by and check us out!

Upcoming Events