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T-Shirt Cannon Robot


Date: September 2020

Created By: Heath Beur, Josiah Huntington, Ashley Schnetzer, John McIntosh

Purpose: Promotion of School and Team

Cost: $2500ish

Features: Remote control, pneumatic firing and ejection system.


What better way is there to promote our robotics team and our engineering school than to use a robot to shoot t-shirts into the crowd at promotional events? This robot is being designed exactly for that purpose: promoting the South Dakota School of Mines and Technology.

Design began Fall of 2020, but construction was delayed due to a pandemic and all that jazz. Construction began Fall of 2021 where a prototype cannon was designed and constructed for testing effectiveness of the design. The cannon has been designed and updated to run remotely using an electrical system controlled by an Arduino Mega to control solenoid valves to fill the ballast tank and release the compressed air to fire a t-shirt. In order to allow for repeated firing, a pneumatic system has been set up to eject the shell allowing a new shell to fall into place.

A basic test code was created but will be revised and updated as the bot takes form and the final sensors and drive system are implemented.

Currently the tilt mechanism is being designed, and we are working on assembling the chassis and figuring out how we will mount the cannon.