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Date: September 2017 - March 2018

Created By: Alex Gronlund, Jeremiah Scott, Jordan Morrison, Samuel Ryckman, Jordan Pasker, Dustin Richards, Rachel Lauer, Brooke Bialas, Zane Brandt

Purpose: Compete in the 2018 ASME Student Design Competition

Cost: $800ish

Features: Shoot and kick tennis balls


Robots created to compete in the 2018 ASME Student Design Competition. For this competition, we created three bots: two for defense and one for offense. The three robots were designed to fit together inside of an 18” cube to meet the size requirements in the rules.

Shooterbot is the offensive bot. It features a tennis ball shooter capable of launching a tennis ball approximately 40ft when set to “kill mode”. It also has a mecanum drivetrain for maneuverability, front flappers for guiding tennis balls, a scoop for loading tennis balls, and a laser for lining up shots.

Blue Defense Bot
This bot’s main purpose is defense and it has a large wall on the side for that purpose. It does have scoring capabilities as well. In the front is a solenoid powered kicker as well as two guides for moving tennis balls. The drive system is a tank drive configuration with two DC motors connected to the four wheels through belt and pulleys on each side.

Orange Defense Bot
This bot accomplishes the same purposes as the other defense bot but with a different implementation. It also has a large wall for defense, a solenoid kicker, and uses a tank drive configuration for driving. The only real difference is that it is larger and uses four DC motors for driving instead of two. Also, it is orange.