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Surface Mobility Platform and Mecanumbot


Date: January 2015 - August 2015

Created By: Ian Carlson, Scott Logan, Christopher Smith

Purpose: Learning and Research, Functional Examples, Demos

Features: All terrain suspension system, large mecanum-drive robot


The SMPs and Mecanumbot were developed for three primary uses:

  • Learning and research
  • Functional examples
  • Demos

The Surface Mobility Platform (SMP) is based on an all terrain chassis developed by Gears Educational Systems. The design incorporates independent suspension for the left and right sides of the robot. This chassis was modified by adding the silver motor-housings and beefier motors for more power.

The Mecanum frame was buit by a senior design team during a previous year. It uses four large mecanum wheels for omni-directional travel. The chassis is primarily hollow on the inside providing lots of room for any additional electrical systems.

Both robots use nearly identical parts for the electrical system. Also, the two robots have identical ROS architecture with the exception of the drivers used to control the motor controllers. More information about the electrical or ROS aspects of these robots can be found in the detailed design document below.