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Controller v2


Date: September 2018

Created By: Pratik Sinai Kunkolienker, Samuel Ryckman, Micah Runner, Dustin Richards

Purpose: Improve upon the previous controller

Cost: $100ish

Features: Improved battery life, battery charging system, more ergonomic, triggers and bumpers


Redesign of the previous controller. The goal of this version was to fix some of the issues with the previous version while adding some new features. Some of the improvements include: better battery life, integrated battery charger, more ergonomic case, and triggers and bumpers. The controller was initialy designed during the 2018-2019 season for use with B.A.M. in the ASME Student Design competition, but there were some unforseen issues with the PCB which weren't able to be solved proir to competition. The team is currently working through these issues and we plan on using the controller for the 2019-2020 season.