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Date: October 2017 - March 2018

Created By: Ryan Wise, Micah Runner, Zane Brandt, Ellie Burczek

Purpose: Control robots using an Xbee

Cost: $50ish


Custom controller developed for use with the soccorbots for the 2018 ASME SDC. Even though the controller was designed for this purpose, the primary goal was to create a controller that could easily be used with any of our robots in the future. Designing it ourselves would give us complete control of how the controller behaves and sends information to the robot.

The controller used an ATMEGA328P as the controller and an XBee-Pro 900hp for communications. Power was supplied from a 9V battery.

As would be expected with a first version, there were some bugs and areas for improvement. That said, the controller was very much a success and was used in competition with no issues or loss of connection.