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Super Robo Time 2019

Saturday, October 5, 2019
Annual McLaury Super Robo Time

This fall we held our annual Super Robo Time. Super Robo Time (SRT) is an annual event held by the Robotics Team, UAS, and 3D Print Club and is a chance for old, new, and potential members to learn.

As in the past we did a scavenger hunt during the first day. This scavenger hunt has particpants search for items in the labs as well as accomplish tasks that might be useful as part of the robotics team, UAS, or 3D print club. Team "Team" ended up with a high score of 1645 points.

Over the following weeks, participants split up into teams and developed robots to compete in the battlebot arena. The competition challenged teams to construct a robot from given materials to fight along with a partner against two other bots in the arena. The first team to either capture the opposing base or disable the opposing robots would win the round. The results of the competition on the final day were as follows.
First place: Team Prime
Second place: Team DYnamo
Third place: Team Amazon
Fourth place: A Team

We would like to thank everyone who worked hard to make this a success. It was a fun event and a great way to kick off the semester.