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2021 Paint the Town

Sunday, September 19, 2021
Our participation in painting the town for the 2021 Rocker Day's celebrations

As part of the South Dakota School of Mines and Technologies' Rocker day celebration, various student teams and organizations painted the windows of downtown Rapid City businesses.

Several members of our team participated to promote our team and share our love of robots by combining the Rocker day theme, store theme, and team theme in some beautiful artwork.

The year's Rocker Day's was tropical beach themed, we painted the windows at Again Books, and we are the robotics team. One window displayed a robot relaxing at the beach reading a book, with a label of "machine learning". The other windows displayed several well loved robots including Wall-E and several of our robots from years past.

Our artwork was chosen as favorite artwork due to it's pleasant visuals, incorporation of all the themes, and rounded off with a engineering joke.